Sunday, May 15, 2011

Segmen Review: "INVASION" PLAN!!

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Ini blog kedua puluh enam di-review!

Blog ini dimiliki oleh Mad Khaz. Sorry bro sebab lambat sangat. Blogspot buat hal haritu. Dengan ada post yang dulu ada kena delete, kurang semangat nak review. Tapi sekarang semangat kembali pulih! Mari kita me-review blog anda!

Wait a second. You know. I'm quite confused. Do you prefer me reviewing your blog in English or Malay? Personally I'd prefer English. ;P. It's been awhile since I blogged in English. Since your post which is in relation to this reviewing segment is in English, then I guess I shall review your blog in English. ^^,

The very moment my eyes laid upon your blog, I was pretty sure that you didn't have a header. Now I see that you have a template of some-sort that is in relation with Sergeant Frog, or more popularly known in Asia as Sergeant Keroro. I also understand that your style of blogging is by going about writing new posts with inserting the number of the new post that you have published. But I have one question for you,

What is that white thing hovering? It appeared after your energy saving mode came into action.

Well, lets move on. Your blog has quite a number of readers I see. Anyway, I just have to say. Is this blog using a template you designed or did you customize it? Because the way I see it, the header which is the picture of Sergeat Keroro's and the background don't seem to fit. I suggest you find two tones that can compliment each other. It doesn't matter if its the same color or not. :). As long as they go together its nice. Again I would like to stress that this is just an opinion.

Now moving on to the widgets. I see that you have the followers widget quite high up. I can also see that you have a chatbox. But I have failed to detect your archive. I should stress out that the archive is in some ways quite vital to ensuring the smooth flow of the visitors of your blog. Your chatbox is also quite low if you ask me. Again. These are just my opinions. :)

On the comment section you use pop-out commenting. Bravo! But I would suggest comment moderation to ensure you know who commented on your blog.

I guess thats it. Lets all visit "INVASION" PLAN!!

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mad khaz said...

haha. nice review!

but i didn't find any white hovering after the energy saving mode,huhu

thanks :D

Arif Azmi said...

No prob.. u didn't see any? okay.. ;)